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We don’t just buy products, we actively search for interesting products from home and abroad, which we can introduce to the different markets we are active in. It is not for nothing that we are specialists in the conception, development and production of new concepts and products!

In order to be and remain true ‘inspirators’, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends by visiting all relevant trade fairs, domestic and foreign stores and following developments in foreign markets.

This enables us to proactively surprise our customers with new product ideas. Naturally, we also like to actively work on a question from our customers. We translate new product ideas into unique concepts at product and brand level. Packaging and marketing also play an important role and we like to think along with you.

We like to develop new concepts and products together with our customers. This enables us to develop a tailor-made private label concept that makes everyone happy.

From the original idea to the final marketing of the product, we can act as a ‘food inspirator’ for our customers.

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