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Nature Farmers | Organic Nature Farmers Ice Cream

This organic, natural and sustainable ice cream is prepared according to traditional methods with fresh whole milk from rare old Dutch breeds of cattle, kept by farmers who graze in Dutch nature reserves.

The most sustainable, genuine and traditional Dutch ice cream that can be traced back to nature, origin and craftsmanship!

Living cultural heritage
Dutch master painters immortalized them centuries ago!

Who does not know them, the Dutch masters such as Paulus Potter, Albert Cuyp, Willem Maris and Anton Mauve. Painting cows in the meadow has a long tradition in the Netherlands and cows are inextricably linked to our Dutch landscape. On these paintings we see the Old Dutch breeds of cattle like the Blaarkop, Witrik, Lakenvelder, Brandrode, Frisian black and red fur and the old MRIJ Runs.

If these breeds of cattle have put our country on the world map as a dairy nation.
These dual-purpose cows were genetically perfectly capable of producing milk and meat from a ration of only grass or hay. However, the discovery of artificial fertilizer and richer feed led to a demand for high-yielding cows that produce more milk or meat. The once renowned Old Dutch breeds of cows were eradicated with the result that they have now reached endangered status.

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