Centrics SoilStick

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The eco-friendly soil stabilizer

A bio gradable polymer creating a dust free, vegetation supporting substrate

Multi Purpose
Designed to be used for multiple applications to prevent erosion

Prevent erosion and sand drift
Sand or dust drift leads to erosion, loss of organic matter and nutrient-rich lightest particles thereby reducing growth rate of vegetation. Furthermore, this also leads to poor air quality, to health problems, poor visibility, environmental problems. This product sticks onto the loose sand, small particles, binds these together, thus reducing the risk of transportation such as by wind or gravity. Our product is offered at high concentration and diluted with water for optimal application by spraying or similar.

Protection of dry sandy borders for fresh roads, sand dust prevention in dry climates, effective utilization of locally available soils for low-cost road construction, village roads in low rainfall areas, protection of dump hills, avoiding sand spraying from waste mountains near mining places.
Other applications are in the field of gardening: fast realization of new gardening, avoiding seed spray

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