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We have the only battery storage solution in the world that is DNV GL GRIDSTOR certified. Focusing on safety, operation and performance, this certification offers a single, global attestation for creating and operating safe and sustainable energy storage which is also approved for the Grid.

Using our unique, proprietary software management system – our USP we combine the ESS with hydrogen production units to manage the requisite flow of energy efficiently and cost effectively to produce “green” hydrogen.

Advanced are these ESS systems. With an experience of more than 20 years in development of technical systems Eminent Ontwikkeling has a sustainable system which is not only easy to build but also easy to maintain.

Technology is our guideline. Smart-Grid, Home storage or Community Storage. Eminent Ontwikkeling has the possibility to deliver it all. We can adjust to your requirements and other wishes.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) which can be built in a 20 or 40 foot reefer container or a combination of it. Together we want to build a sustainable environment.

Power is the source! Our energy storage systems are developed so they can be used for trading on the energy exchanges but also to prevent peak loads. That we call peak sha-ving. We advise and guide you by designing and developing your specific systems. Also we can introduce you to our energy trading partners.

Systems of Eminent Ontwikkeling are modular constructions which can be easily adjust or changed. The batteries are based on LiNiMnCoO2 cells. The same technology as electric vehicles and are one of the most advanced and used electronic systems.

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